• Brush Creek Elementary created an initiative called “High-5 Time” to protect core instruction & provide intervention/enrichment to every student in the school for four 30-minute sessions a week in reading & mathematics in grades K-5. During this time, all students in the grade level are served in small groups. This provides targeted support for every student in our school. Students qualifying for the Exceptional Children’s program or limited English proficiency support are served during High-5 Time. This ensures continuity in core instruction and ensures remediation takes place. 

    Each year, Brush Creek completes a Needs Assessment. This ensures we reflect on what is working and identify what is not working well. We set goals and create a plan that outlines how we will reach our goals. We create a budget to provide personnel and resources to implement our plan. We bring this plan to our School Improvement Team and they vote to approve both our Title I Plan and Title I Budget. We monitor how we are progressing toward our goals throughout the year.