Honor Bands

  • All-District and All-State Honor Bands are bands that require an audition and acceptance to attend. All-District Band auditions are held at Tuscola High School, NC. High School auditions are held on a Thursday night while Middle School is held the following Saturday weather permitting. The exact dates change from year to year and information will be given out by the band directors of each school. Audition dates are typically in January with the honor band occuring the following month.

    If a student wishes to participate in the audition, they are required to inform their director prior to the registration cut off date that changes from year to year. In the case of a student registering for an audition but doesn't attend their audition, that student and their parent(s) are responsibility to pay the registration fee. Failure to pay the fee will result in charges being held on a student(s) school account and subsequent audition requests will be denied. 

    Achieving a high enough score will result in a student being eligible to participate in the honor band. If enough students from a combination of both middle school and high school participants, then the trip will result in an overnight stay. Typically the West Region All-District Honor Band is held at Western Carolina University over the course of a few days. More information can be provided by the directors when the time arises.

    All-State Honor Band is only eligible to students who achieved top ranks in each section of the ensemble. Auditions are typically held after the All-District Band event near the beginning of Spring. 

    Honor Band Information