• Welcome to the School Nurses Page


    We are a team of nurses, employed by the Madison County Health Department, to help ensure your child is able to perform his/her best at school. We believe that healthy children are children ready to learn. We work as healthcare managers within the school setting for students. We strive to ensure that teachers teaching students with special healthcare needs are prepared and educated in the students’ healthcare needs. We work with the total student population, but our primary focus is on students with chronic/on-going health problems; such as students with asthma, anaphylaxis, seizure, diabetes, etc.


    RN TBD serves as the school nurse for Madison High School & Madison Early College.  She can be reached by calling the schools or by e-mail at mramirez@madisonk12.net


    Kristy Waldroup RN serves as the school nurse for Mars Hill Elementary School. She can be reached at by calling the school at (828)689-2922 or by email at kwaldroup@madisonk12.net.


    Morgan Huntsinger RN serves as the school nurse for Brush Creek Elementary School and Hot Springs Elementary. She can be reached at BCES by calling (828) 649-1547 or HSES on Wednesdays at (828) 622-3292, or by email at mhuntsinger@madisonk12.net.


    RN TBD serves a full time school nurse for Madison Middle School. She can be reached at MMS by calling (828) 649-2269 or by email at jpuglisi@madisonk12.net.