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Arrival and Departure

Each school day will begin at 8:00 am.  Students will be allowed to enter the building through the front door or through the bus lot door at 7:20 am.  All students must report to either the cafeteria for breakfast or the multi-purpose room until 7:45 am, at which time, students will be allowed to enter the hallways to go to their classrooms.  During the first week of school, we allow you to walk your child into the building.  Beginning on Monday, August 26, as part of our School Safety Plan, we ask that you drop your child off in the car line and not walk students into the building.  We will have staff on duty to assist children to classrooms.  From 8:00 am—3:00 pm, all entrance doors will be locked and visitors must be visually identified and buzzed in through the front door only.  We require that all non-students entering the building, at any time, must report to the front office to sign in and receive a visitor badge. We appreciate your support of our security and safety practices.  The safety of your child at BCES is our top priority.
You will provide your child’s teacher with departure instructions.  All bus riders will be escorted to the bus lot by their teacher.  All car riders will be provided with (3) Car-Rider name cards.  One of those cards must be displayed in the front window of the pick up vehicle in order for a child to be released.  Additional cards are available through the front office.  All car riders will be held in the cafeteria until their pick up vehicle arrives.  Students must be picked up at one of the 5 pick up points marked by a cone at the front entrance.  Students will not be allowed to enter the parking lot.  If a car rider card is not visible, the parent must park in a parking space, enter the school and sign the student(s) out in the front office.  Car riders will be dismissed at 3:05 pm.