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Basic Information about Re-Opening Schools

We know students and families are nervous about a school year that will look different from our typical school year due to increased safety and physical distancing procedures. We plan to provide detailed information about each aspect of school, from scheduling to buses to learning from home or from school in the days ahead.
We wanted to take a moment and share some basic information with you. Right now, Madison County Schools will be reopening under Plan B. Which involves a rotating A Day / B Day schedule to ensure half capacity in our classrooms and on our buses. Students will attend school based on their last names, with last names of A-M attending on A Day and N-Z attending on B Day. Some exceptions apply to this and detailed student schedules will be posted next week to confirm your child’s assigned day to attend school. Students will work from school with their teachers one day and the next day students will work from home with their devices. While at home, lessons will be accessed from the devices so that learning continues even when students are not physically with us in the building. Additionally, Plan B involves a modified daily schedule with the instructional day beginning at 9am and ending at 2pm.
Another option available to families is our Virtual Academy option. Students who are Virtual Only students will work from the Edmentum Courseware program. It is a comprehensive online curriculum for Reading, Math, Social Studies and Science as well as options for electives. In addition to accessing all learning online, a Madison County Schools educator will regularly monitor your child’s daily attendance and progress within the learning platform as well as check-in with your child about their learning and any other needs that arise. If you are planning on your child participating in the Virtual Only option, there is an application on our school website that we need you to fill out. If you go to our website, there is a link that says Virtual Academy on the left. When you click on that link, you will see guidelines for participating in this option and the application. Once the application is complete, we consider your child a Virtual Learner. The last day to register for this option is Friday, August 7th.
Please hear this clearly from us … if you’re child is with us Face-to-Face or working remotely from their device or a virtual only student, please be assured that Madison Middle School is filled with dedicated, supportive, and creative teachers who promise to keep your child safe and engaged in learning this school year! Despite the challenges we face, this will be a great year at MMS!
Please look for updates posted on our school website and Facebook page this week sharing information about school reopening to give you a better understanding of what school will look like. Additionally, look for schedules to be finalized and posted on the Parent Portal during the week of August 10th.
If we can answer any questions, please call the school or email us anytime.