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MCS Summer Projects Update

We have many projects underway in our school system. Starting this week construction work has begun on a walking track around the ball field and a large 10,000 square ft. turf area at Madison Middle School for student recreation. We are also upgrading the septic system on the Brush Creek/MMS campus with an additional 10,000 gallon septic tank. Electrical installation is underway at our new Alternative School facility at Madison High School and two new pre-K classrooms will be added to Brush Creek Elementary next week. New pre-K classrooms will also be added at Mars Hill Elementary. The brick floors are being cleaned and polished at Madison High School. 


 MMS Turf Field          MMS Walking Track Construction


MMS Walking Track and Turf Projects at Madison Middle School. These projects will have a huge impact for students, providing them a safe place for walking/running during PE (keeping them from walking around the building) and a better place to have PE and recess during the winter months on the turf. These areas will also be open to the community after regular school hours!



 Madison Middle School Track Site                            Madison High School Brick Floor Restoration


Photo of track progress at MMS    Photo of turf progress at MMS