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Welcome Back Students and Families 2019-2020

Students and families were welcomed back to school on August 19th, the first day of the 2019-2020 school year.    Our students, teachers and staff are Making it Happen every day in our schools!  Below are a few photos shared from various schools.   


Photo of Bulletin Board from Hot Springs Elementary    Photo of Fish Bulletin Board at HSES    Photo of Our first day of school chart      Photo of students and teacher in art class BCES  Photo of Robin Bishop and Benson the Bear BCES                 Photo of Kristin Dillon Principal of BCES Photo of students and parents at BCES                  Photo of Students and families at BCES      Photo of Teacher and Students BCES          Photo of Teacher and Student Lunch time BCES   Photo of Staff at HSES            Photo of Student and Teacher at HSES   Photo of students at HSES First day             Photo of Daniel Metcalf, Principal in student drop off line MHES    Photo of Mr. Daniel Metcalf Principal         Photo of Students and Teacher at MHES first day                Photo of Mrs. Wallin and students at MHES                  Photo of Students at MMS         Photo of Teachers at MMS Welcome Back                                     Photo of James Huey and students at MHS         Photo of students at MHS         Students at MHS    Photo of Faculty and Staff MECHS