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The Local Lion Promise Update


MCS would like to thank Dr. Tony Floyd, Mars Hill University President, and the Mars Hill University staff for sharing information yesterday with our students on the Local Lion Promise program, which provides a 50% discount for Madison County students who attend Mars Hill University. In addition, MHU now accepts transfer credits our students earn from AB Tech, from each of our high schools, which benefits graduates from both of our outstanding high schools. We appreciate our partnership with Mars Hill University! 

Photo of Dr. Hoffman, Dr. Tony Floyd and Dr. David Robinson .


Madison County Schools and Mars Hill University have a strong tradition of cooperation and partnership, grounded in high academic expectations for our students. We appreciate the 50% deduction in tuition for our students and families. The Local Lion Promise initiative will provide a great opportunity for Madison County students to attend an outstanding university right here in Madison County.


Photo of Superintendent and Mars Hill University President